At IDC Contracting we transport heavy machinery including excavators, loaders, drilling rigs, cranes, graders, rollers and any other heavy equipment or infrastructure that requires transporting throughout Australia. 


All IDC Contracting personnel are specially trained in all aspects of the safe operation of plant and equipment. Personnel are fully qualified and trained to load and unload heavy equipment safely and without supervision.

The IDC Contracting Team demonstrates a professional manner with a large focus on safety and making sure the client’s needs are satisfied. IDC Contracting has the ability to deliver project specific services and has earned the reputation of being able to successfully deliver the most challenging loads.

IDC Contracting offer a wide range of trailer configurations to maximize efficiency and minimize down time for general freight deliveries throughout Australia. 

We can offer the following transport configurations:

  • Flat Top Trailers 45ft

  • Drop Deck Trailer (with or without ramps)

  • Taut Liners

  • Side Loaders

  • Skel Trailer

  • Container pins fitted to majority of trailers

  • B - Double 

  • Road Train 

  • Floats (up to 75,000kg)

  • Side Tippers

  • Truck & Dog Trailers

  • Tandem Tippers