Fison Ave West Intersection Upgrade Project


The upgrade of the intersection between Fison Ave West, Eagle View Place and the North Western Gateway Off Ramp intersection required the realignment and repositioning of traffic lanes, footpaths, kerbs and associated drainage to improve safety and traffic flow at the intersection.


Our scope on the project was to reconfigure and reconstruct the surrounding storm water system affected by changes to this intersection. This involved supply, construction and installation of new gully pits, manholes and reinforced concrete pipework (RCP), as well as the removal and modification of existing storm water infrastructure. Modifications included the raising of existing concrete access chambers, breaking into existing junction pits and the construction of a new custom made junction/access pit on an existing DN1050 RCP alignment. The potential to encounter Acid Sulphate Soils during excavation on the project also meant that we needed to have plans and equipment in place to effectively manage such soils to prevent environmental and structural damage.


Following the backfill of new and modified drainage infrastructure IDC Contracting managed the reinstatement of asphalt pavements and construction of kerb transitions. To limit traffic disturbance all works were performed at night under traffic management and any work within the roadway was completed by the end of each shift. Completing some components within a 9.5 hour shift was logistically challenging, however we succeeded in doing this each night and effectively worked in with numerous other construction activities at the same time. We were also invited by the client to perform additional similar works on the project while on site, to assist with the completion of the project on time and within budget.


Project Features 

  • Supply and installation of stormwater drainage access chambers, gully pits and pipework 

  • Modification and reconstruction of existing stormwater drainage components 

  • Trenching and deep excavation 

  • Night works under traffic management

  • Kerb and lintels construction

  • Pavement reinstatement