Lady Loretta
Haulage Project


Our scope of work has been to road transport crushed zinc ore from Lady Loretta Mine to the Xstrata Zinc Ore Processing Complex at Mount Isa. Road trains return via the George Fisher Mine to backload tailings to Lady Loretta Mine. This cycle is repeated over 12 hour shifts, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All haulage is performed utilising ‘Triple’ or ‘Quad’ road train configurations carrying payloads up to 92 tonnes. The route passed through 6 different mines with numerous call points and gateways, along both mine and public dirt roads. Working as a team with other operators up to 40 road trains could be running at one time shifting approximately 6,000 tonnes of ore over 24 hours, with road trains covering 650km per 12 hour shift.


To perform this work IDC Contracting carries out its own maintenance in accordance with our National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation. The challenges for our team were to seamlessly manage the hazards of operating on mine sites and 24/7 operation. This required the utmost care and conformance to strict safety and environmental procedures. These requirements are being successfully fulfilled as this project at Mt Isa progresses. 

Project Features 

  • Bulk haulage road train operations 24hrs a day, 7 days a week 

  • Mobile plant support, servicing and maintenance

  • Operation on seal and unsealed roads, in isolated areas and extreme climates 

  • Managing high risk environments, such as mine sites, hazardous materials and haul roads