Thornside Boat Ramp 


The works consisted of a new carpark, roadworks and landscaping, demolition of the existing boat ramp and construction of a new boat ramp utilising a combination of precast planks and in-situ concrete. Being in a marine environment, the works were constructed under a stringent EPA permit which saw the use of a floating silt curtain to prevent sediment contamination of the waterway during construction and suitable controls to avoid damage to nearby mangroves. Proactive environmental measures implemented by the site team included a lined wash and waste pit for concrete waste.

Public safety was of high priority for the project, the site being a highly used facility, being accessible from both land and water, and also located in a residential area. We placed an emphasis on community relations and vehicular and boating traffic, and pedestrian control. No formal complaints were received, the project was injury free and completed in a timely manner to ensure the facility open to the public prior to the Easter long weekend.

Critical to the projects success was planning work with the tidal movement, at times presenting less than a 2 hour window to pour a slab section. IDC Contracting collaboratively worked with the client to avoid costly coffer damming to innovatively re-design the boat ramp to include several large precast sections which enabled the works to be constructed within the limited daily time allowed by tidal movement. 


Project Features 

  • Demolition of existing boat ramp 

  • 50m long single lane boat ramp consisting of both precast and in-situ concrete 

  • New carpark, pavements and landscaping 

  • Stringent environmental controls, including silt management, protection of mangroves and Acid Sulfate Soils testing 

  • Working in marine environment with tidal flows 

  • Innovative re-design avoiding costly coffer damming 

  • Project scheduling to ensure open to public prior to Easter 

  • Public/community liaison