DP World
Redevelopment Project 


The project is located at Fisherman’s Island (Port Of Brisbane) QLD. Our scope of works consist of demolition, civil works, installation of large humeceptor pits and including supply and installation of new underground services for stage 2. Works are being undertaken on a lump sum contract. The staging of works is critical to ensuring access is maintained at all times to DP World’s operating terminals. The project brings a diverse group of disciplines and trades together, with such a broad scope. The ability of all our personnel to work safely together in a large congested site has been our best achievement thus far. 


Project Features 

  • Demolition of the existing substation and amenities buildings including the associated footings. 

  • Demolition and disposal of approx 13,500m. of existing asphalt pavement off-site. 

  • Demolition and disposal off-site the existing stormwater, water main and electrical. 

  • Supply and install 4.5km of electrical/communications conduits. 

  • Supply and install 580Lm of 250 and 315 diameter fire main and potable water main. 

  • Supply and install 200Lm of Stormwater Pipework and associated structures.

  • Install 6 number Humeceptor Pits in sheet piled coffer dams approx 6-7m deep.