Stormwater Drainage Culvert Upgrade Project - Linton Apartments at Kangaroo Point


IDC Contracting was engaged by Quantum Developments to upgrade the existing Stormwater Drainage System that passed through the proposed development. The existing stormwater drainage culvert was 1425mm x 1500mm constructed in the late 1800’s out of old brick, which flowed south across the site from Linton Street to Vulture Street. The development was in Kangaroo Point QLD and was to be developed into residential units 19 levels. Part of the Design Approval was to upgrade the existing stormwater system. The stormwater drainage line/s were always live, so a very well-managed construction sequence was adopted.


Project Features 

  • Demolition and disposal off-site the redundant stormwater drainage infrastructure

  • Construction of Stormwater Drainage Culverts and
    Large Pits

  • Partial demolition of the existing redundant building to enable works

  • Temporary Works including footpath diversions and stormwater diversions

  • Removal and Disposal of excavated spoil