Privacy Policy

IDC Contracting Pty Ltd takes your privacy seriously. The following policy outlines how personal information will be used, managed and protected by IDC Contracting Pty Ltd. As this policy may be updated from time to time, IDC Contracting Pty Ltd recommends that individuals check this policy regularly.

IDC Contracting Pty Ltd is required by law to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 incorporating the National Privacy Principles in dealing with its customers.

What does this Privacy Policy cover?

This Privacy Policy provides details as to IDC Contracting Pty Ltd's treatment of personal information that IDC Contracting Pty Ltd collects, including how and why we collect information, and the way in which we use and disclose that information.

This Privacy Policy does not detail, nor does it relate to the practices of any companies or legal entities that are not within IDC Contracting Pty Ltd's ownership or control.

Information collection and use

IDC Contracting Pty Ltd collects personal information when it is commercially reasonable and practicable to do so. This collection can take place directly from individuals (for example, when an individual directly provides information to IDC Contracting Pty Ltd via the telephone, via the Internet, makes enquires, requests or purchases products or services, or within commercial documents, such as contracts). Information may also be collected from time to time through third parties, including but not limited to IDC Contracting Pty Ltd's business partners, from authorised information brokers, or from other publicly available sources of information, such as telephone directories. IDC Contracting Pty Ltd may also collect personal information through competitions or trade promotions conducted by IDC Contracting Pty Ltd and/or its business partners, or by other such methods.

IDC Contracting Pty Ltd does not automatically collect personal information when individuals only access and browse the IDC Contracting website. However, IDC Contracting Pty Ltd does collect personal information when individuals register on the website or when individuals use certain products or services on the website. When individuals register on IDC Contracting Pty Ltd website, they will be asked to provide their name, e-mail address, and some other personal information. Once individuals have registered with IDC Contracting Pty Ltd in this way and/or they sign in to receive IDC Contracting Pty Ltd's products or services, their personal information will be retained by IDC Contracting Pty Ltd. The company website uses session cookies during a website visit. IDC Contracting Pty Ltd automatically receives and records information on its server logs from individual Internet browsers, including the Internet Protocol address (IP address) of those accessing its website. IP addresses identify individual computers, but do not contain any other personal information.

IDC Contracting Pty Ltd uses the personal information it collects for reasonable business purposes including without limitation to store and process the information, to provide relevant services and products, to attend to your enquires, and to administer and manage those services and products and to achieve and maintain a high level of service. IDC Contracting Pty Ltd may also use the personal information for promotional and marketing purposes, including to inform individuals of other services or products which IDC Contracting Pty Ltd considers may be of interest to those individuals, unless the individual has expressly contacted IDC Contracting Pty Ltd and requested not to be contacted for such purposes, which may result in the individual being unable to receive special offers that may become available from time to time.

IDC Contracting Pty Ltd may also use personal information for statistical, research and analytical purposes, including to assist in the technical administration of its website, to conduct internal administration and operations, to develop new products and services, or for other customer support purposes.

For any of the above, IDC Contracting Pty Ltd may contact an individual by electronic or any other means.

How is the Information Stored?

Personal information, whether in hard or soft form, is only accessible by personnel authorised by IDC Contracting Pty Ltd. It is either destroyed or returned to its source if it is no longer needed; otherwise it is stored securely by IDC Contracting Pty Ltd.

Information sharing and disclosure

IDC Contracting Pty Ltd will not sell or disclose personal information of an individual to any third party outside of IDC Contracting Pty Ltd without first obtaining the consent of the individual or as set out in this policy. IDC Contracting Pty Ltd may disclose personal information about an individual to a third party if:

  • IDC Contracting Pty Ltd has consent to share the information in such a way; or
  • IDC Contracting Pty Ltd needs to share the information in order to provide a product or service that the individual has requested; or
  • IDC Contracting Pty Ltd needs to send the information to a third party that works on behalf of IDC Contracting Pty Ltd, including agents, contractors and external service providers, so that the third party can provide a product or service to the individual or IDC Contracting Pty Ltd (unless otherwise stated so, these third parties do not have any rights to use the personal information IDC Contracting Pty Ltd provides to them beyond what is necessary to provide the product or service); or
  • Such disclosure is permitted under the Privacy Act; or
  • IDC Contracting Pty Ltd is responding to a Court or other such authority; or
  • IDC Contracting Pty Ltd finds that the individual's actions have violated IDC Contracting Pty Ltd's website Terms and Conditions of Use, or any other guidelines or rules set by IDC Contracting Pty Ltd that are applicable to specific services that would reasonably be seen to justify the provision of personal identifying information about that individual to an appropriate third party; or
  • There is a duty to the public to disclose the information;

Access by an individual to their personal information

IDC Contracting Pty Ltd is committed to allowing individuals to ascertain whether IDC Contracting Pty Ltd holds personal information relating to them, and if so, the nature of that information, and the individual's entitlement to gain access to the information.

If any individual would like to request access to their personal information, they must either send an e-mail to: with the subject field of the e-mail outlining that the e-mail refers to a request to access personal information. Alternatively, individuals may request access to personal information by making such a request in writing, and sending the request to IDC Contracting Pty Ltd- P.O. Box 59, Salisbury, QLD 4107.

IDC Contracting Pty Ltd will make appropriate amendments if necessary (whether by way of corrections, deletions or additions) to ensure that any personal information is accurate, relevant, up to date and complete.


If individuals communicate with IDC Contracting Pty Ltd by e-mail or via the Internet, individuals should be aware that the security of e-mail and messages sent via the Internet is not certain. By sending sensitive or confidential e-mail or Internet messages or other information which is not encrypted, individuals accept the risk of uncertainty in regards to confidentiality, which is through no fault of IDC Contracting Pty Ltd.

If something goes wrong

If you believe that your personal information has been accessed or used inappropriately, or has been collected or used in contravention of this policy, please contact IDC Contracting Pty Ltd via email at