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IDC Contracting has core values that define our culture and direction of our business. These key values strengthen our Company's performance and make a difference in the way we do business and encourage our contribution to both our communities and the environment.


We will uphold the highest conduct of ethics in all business practices.


We will continue to raise the bar throughout our organisation both by our capabilities and by the service we provide.


We will look to all IDC Contracting employees to act as a leader both in their roles in the Company and in their contributions to our communities.


We believe that each employee has responsibility to our Company, to our customer and to our environment. We will hold each person accountable to do their part.


We look for creative, new or better ways to provide our expertise in all dimensions of our business. We embrace change, flexibility and adaption in a rapidly evolving country.


With our experience, dedication and commitment to the industries our clients can be assured of a high satisfaction of service and delivery.


As an organisation we pride ourselves on our safe work practices. To continually achieve this, our highly experienced management team works closely with all our clients before and during a project to create solutions in a variety of challenging environments and ensure our procedures meet their standards and expectations.


On every project we work closely with our clients and community stakeholders to minimise the impact of our works.